Qigong Healing

There are different qigong energy healing techniques that Master Wendy uses to help people. Some of them are incorporated into her acupuncture treatments with her patients. She also does private Qigong healing sessions for various health problems. The ones listed here are separate techniques that are independent of other healing treatments. Please contact Wendy to schedule an appointment for a private healing, or for the following healing sessions.

Change the Moving Program of Life

Do you ever wonder why you have to work so hard in life to get ahead? Do you know people that went to the same school, got the same (or worse) grades, yet everything in life comes easily to them? Are there always conflicts and obstacles in your life? Are your finances and health issues always fluctuating? Have you ever thought "what did I do in a past life to deserve this?" Well...

According to Emei Qigong, at the moment we're born the universal elemental energies affecting us get locked into a pattern based on karma from our past lives. This pattern creates a "moving program" that determines everything in our life. It is possible to map out these energies, similar to the way astrologers create a chart of the planets when one is born. This map, or "chart" of the moving program of life, is based on the universal elemental energies, not the planets. If the elemental energies in the life program are out of balance, are too stong, too weak, and/or in conflict with each other, it will create corresponding imbalances in the person's life. It's possible to "read" the chart, or program, and see the person's nature, and determine the relative balance /imbalance of the energies. It is incredibly accurate.

And even more important: It's possible to change it! You're not stuck with the current situation. There is a technique to change the moving program of your life, and balance the energies so that everything in your life comes into balance. This means that all of the old conflicts and imbalances gradually disappear, and everything in life goes more smoothly.

A Change the Moving Program of Life Consultation includes creating your personal chart, analysis of the chart to determine the method of balancing, a reading of your nature with discussion of its meaning to you, and instruction in how to practice the technique to change your moving program of life. You must provide your date, time, and location of birth.

Please call (619) 917-6288 to schedule an appointment.

Karma Clearing

Sometimes people are fairly healthy and get strange illnesses that nobody can figure out. Other times, people have lots of conflicts in their lives that just make no sense, yet they keep occurring. Some of these problems can be caused by karma (bad deeds) created in a past life. Negative information from the past life's karma is carried into the current life's soul or energy field, and can cause these problems. Sudden, unexplained and severe ilnesses also fall into this category.

Karma Clearing is an Emei Qigong technique that Master Wendy uses to help people clear negative information from past lives' karma. Once the residual negative energy information is cleared, the karma-induced health or life problems lessen or disappear. If you think you're suffering from a situation caused by past life karma, please call to schedule an appointment.